A Brief Introduction

This site is more of a site that leads to my other sites.  The tabs/buttons above take you too my various interests/occupations.  This site has more personal stuff, travel, house projects, etc.

I'm retired now! As of June 2023!  I've left the verbage below because of my own interest in my own chronology. So far it's great!  Waking up and doing what you want is wonderful on a daily basis, the only downside is my impending mortality.  Oh well. 

This is a pic from about 10 years ago, I wonder how they are all doing today?

    I'm a K-12 reading and art teacher. I've also worked in music stores and art galleries where I planned and scheduled events in addition to working in direct sales and serving as a treasurer.  
   I've taught all age and ability levels. From enrichment classes, to at risk students in lockup facilities. From K-college age.  I've taught kindergarten children beginning letter sounds and have helped college age students prepare digital portfolios.  This site leads to my other sites, and is always a work in progress.  Along with being a resume, making the blog has been a great learning experience for myself and it lets parents, staff, students know what is going on and what is coming up next.  If you click the various buttons above or here, you can see my art teacher site, my reading instructor site, my jewelry class site, and my site where I sell some of my work.

   In the picture above my students are working on sequencing, elapsed time, writing, following directions, and common measurements.  They probably remember making donuts.

   I'm currently teaching  at Bethel Local, in Tipp City, Ohio. In a change of pace, I'm back to being an art teacher after 15 years as a Title One reading and math teacher. It's a great place to work with great students.  Just bought a house in Tipp City, so my wife and I will be involved with renovating it.  

  I'm a certified K-12 art teacher, K-12 reading teacher, and I have a masters in curriculum and instruction. For ten years I've taught  reading and math under  Title One guide lines along with special education at Citizens' Academy.  I've  quite a bit of experience with tests and assessments, writing and adapting curriculum, writing IEPs, conducting ETRs, and understanding state(ODE) educational protocols, timelines, guidelines, and procedures.  

   I've also been a part time teacher at Lorain County Community College  where I taught  Arts and Crafts for Educators and a Jewelry Making I and II class. I also make jewelry. So most of the text and photos relate to that sort of thing.  I  like to teach reading and arts related activities along with making and fixing things. If you stir in an interest in gardening, cooking, reading, riding bikes, playing guitar and banjo...that's really it for me. 

I just like this picture.  Flames and molten metal. What's not to like!

I've recently rearranged this site with buttons at the top, under the top montage strip of photos that lead to my other sites. 

This is my nieces's child, that would make her my great Niece, that, in turn, would make me me old. 

   I'm using the free Google Blogger.  I started out with the Minima  template, then I switched to the new Simple template. The template is pretty much unaltered and unadorned, with very few extras or changes. One change I did make  was  to change from chronological order,  which is the usual blog format, to organizing by single subject heading. I've also removed some blog format items and  tried to make it more like a book, which is something I'm used to.  I put a table of contents up and off to the left with the different subjects listed in  alphabetical order.  I also set it up to publish only one posting per  page, so that  each subject is separate from the others and so it loads quickly. I made the pictures a smaller file size so they load quickly too.  You can click on them if you want to see them a bit larger.  I did a wee bit of HTML/ CSS tinkering, but not much. I'm  not real skilled with that, plus I'm not really  needing anything complex or  glitzy.  For what it's worth, the new template(s) makes it easy to alter/add CSS/HTML elements.   I've tried to put mostly pictures, a slide show element, and a vid or two.   
   If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me at mr. tayse@gmail.com, or miketayse@gmail.com. 

   You can make comments by clicking the comments button at the top of the page and they are always appreciated!

I grabbed this image from another blog, It just seemed funny.