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  This is a test page where I temporarily  cut and paste stuff in for testing and such.  The Rice game at the bottom is fun though.




   If you want to watch the You Tube vid, your better off clicking on through to You Tube.  To fit the bigger size in I'd have to alter the side bar spacing.  I'm in the process of redesigning the mike tayse-jewelry website to provide for such stuff and eventually this site.


   If you've never played this, you should.  It's just a word definition game and you quickly learn how many words there are that you don't know.  Plus it's for a great cause.  Not to be a downer but, according to the United Nations a child dies every 10 seconds from hunger related causes.  It seems an impossibly and incredibly sad high number. 
   I promise not to whine or complain tomorrow. Most of us are so fortunate.  

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