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Below are some links to my stuff:
 I am  always changing my sites around.  I currently use a wordpress  site for the elementary art classes I teach at Bethel local, a jewelry class site,  a jewelry sales site, a reading teacher site, and my "mike tayse" site which is a personal site that leads to all my sites

Me, as an art teacher.  Elementary through college age at LCCC. Just started using Wordpress.

This is my site for jewelry class:

This site will eventually be a site to sell jewelry:

Printable and downloadable resumes:




A great project to make from a drinking straw!

Some decent online origami information

Online resource of paper model making activities

A large website of how to make many things, a lot of fun stuff for around the house or in the shop. 

Neat stuff to make with young kids, check out the storm trooper mask!


A poem my niece wrote about me on her blog


About Books


Sites I Often Visit:


Useful, Free, Online Computer Apps

Online Storage You have to sign up for an account. I use all of the ones listed below.  

SugarSync gives you 5 free gigs of online storage.  You can set it up so that files on your computer are updated when ever you are connected to the net. I have four folders on my desk top that I keep dragging and copying  stuff to.      is the same sort of thing.  I've never set up the automatic file sharing/syncing on my computer, but I think does it too. I generally go to their site and upload.  I keep some music, job hunting, and school related stuff on it.              

Dropbox is another online storage I use,  Easy to use, but I think they "only" give you 2 free gigs.  I put the icon in the taskbar.

One site to rule them all, one site to bind them...  This site is a compendium of sites  that offer very useful freeware.  I use a lot of them; Libre office(the open office replacement), creation and editing), skype, VLC(media player), Fastone(photo editing), Irfran(graphics, photos, etc), Avast(security),  etc.

More useful sites

Abiword  is a small file size word processor that opens pretty quick, a lot quicker than Word.  It is not a feature rich as Word but you can most of what you need including some photo import and editing.