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Below are some links to my stuff:
As of February 13, I am changing my sites around.  I'm going to have a site for jewelry class, general art teaching, a site for selling/e-commerce and eventually, a site for me as a reading teacher.

Me, as an art teacher.  Elementary through college age at LCCC. Just started using Wordpress.

This is my site for jewelry class:

This site will eventually be a site to sell jewelry:

Printable and downloadable resumes:


This website has a lot of phonics activities and stories

What can I say, I like maps.
google earth for educators 

Edutopia has lot of useful links, suggestions, materials and activities.

Storyline Online has books being read by various actors with some activities. 

A useful website from a local school 
A nice selection of online activities and stories.

This is a nice online game/activity that deals with inferences.  Kids understand the concrete and the direct pretty well, but extending into inferences is more difficult. 

This site has a lot of down loadable  worksheets for a lot of elementary subject areas. 

More worksheets for elementary age, some really good, others, not so much. 

And yet, another selection of worksheets for elementary age students. 

I have not used these sites much but Ms. Eby sent them along, and they look pretty good.

This is a link to the Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center(Ohio PIRC), it has links to other useful sites.

Let me know what you think of the above sites. 

Test Preparation
The link below is what the Ohio Department of Education(ODE) has for students to practice with as of fall 2010.
ODE practice tests

The link below is to previous years tests that are released for public viewing.
Tests used in the past

This link is page of past test questions arranged into the various ODE benchmark categories. I have not went through each and every page but it looks like someone has cut and pasted archived ODE test items according to subject, it looks pretty useful.

ODE questions by subject 


   The above are very useful!  It will show you the format and content that the Ohio Department of Education  has used to evaluate students(and schools!) in the past.  Each years' test is very similar to the one before. It's certainly no guarantee, but if the student does reasonably well on tests from the past, he or she will probably do reasonably well on any current years test.


   Below is a link to something ODE has called, A Standards Guide For Families. It is a brief rundown, by grade level and subject, of what each child is expected to know at every grade level. I try to make sure all of my parents have this.  Very useful.
ODE Standards Guide

   The next link is to a page with study materials suggested by the state, not just old test stuff.   It's called "The Statewide Testing Portal.  To get full functionality you have to sign up for an account.


Family and Friends

   My niece and her husbands blog and have an online shop.  She has a lot of great tips for people who like to cook,  eat locally and work towards sustainable living.  In addition she sells some great  products if you're in the market for some gifts or some products for daily living. From water filters to bottles, pet supplies, bags, and then some.  Give them a look!

The next website is another of my niece's, Abby. It is a continuing saga of a bookish(some might say socio-pathic) mid western young woman living in Ipswitch, Massachusetts.

These are people in my own town, doing some interesting things with art and music.
Leslie Edwards & Nicholas Humez.


A great project to make from a drinking straw!

Some decent online origami information

Online resource of paper model making activities

A large website of how to make many things, a lot of fun stuff for around the house or in the shop. 

Neat stuff to make with young kids, check out the storm trooper mask!


A poem my niece wrote about me on her blog


About Books


Sites I Often Visit:


Useful, Free, Online Computer Apps

Online Storage You have to sign up for an account. I use all of the ones listed below.  

SugarSync gives you 5 free gigs of online storage.  You can set it up so that files on your computer are updated when ever you are connected to the net. I have four folders on my desk top that I keep dragging and copying  stuff to.      is the same sort of thing.  I've never set up the automatic file sharing/syncing on my computer, but I think does it too. I generally go to their site and upload.  I keep some music, job hunting, and school related stuff on it.              

Dropbox is another online storage I use,  Easy to use, but I think they "only" give you 2 free gigs.  I put the icon in the taskbar.

One site to rule them all, one site to bind them...  This site is a compendium of sites  that offer very useful freeware.  I use a lot of them; Libre office(the open office replacement), creation and editing), skype, VLC(media player), Fastone(photo editing), Irfran(graphics, photos, etc), Avast(security),  etc.

More useful sites

Abiword  is a small file size word processor that opens pretty quick, a lot quicker than Word.  It is not a feature rich as Word but you can most of what you need including some photo import and editing.