This is in edit right now, I'm just starting this page. Eventually this page will have photos of all my bikes. 

I've got more bikes than a guy should have. They just kinda accumulated. My first good bike was a Raleigh Techinium, or some such name. Aluminum main tubes and the back stays are chrome-moly.


This is a video I did using my old Fuji camera screwed to my bike helmet.  Pretty primitive, considering what you usually see these days.  Living in Painesville, I was very close to this old, abandoned Diamond-Shamrock property.  It was a great place to ride, old buildings you could ride through(now demolished) razor wired bridge, sewage treatment plant, foxes, deer, feral dogs, and god knows what else.  I always called it the forbidden zone, due to it's sci-fi look and the numerous no trespassing signs.
Below is three  mountain bike vids Caleb shot when Mitch, Alex, Caleb, and myself were biking down some mountain in Colorado.  Air was thin and we were wheez'in!




The above very quick vid was shot by Krash when I was selling jewelry to Art in the Powerhouse gallery in downtown Cleveland. This is in front of the gallery, which is located inside the Colonial Arcade, just south of the Euclid Arcade(one of my favorite buildings, if you've never seen it, you need to).  The large walkway, between the stores, is open to the glassed in ceiling, and has a nice gentle slope going downward, towards Euclid Ave.   I was 51 at the time and you tube was like 3 or 4 years old.  One of the great perks of being older is you can apparently skate anywhere if you're quick!  I was yelled at and asked by security not to do that again, but that was ok, because I just wanted to do it once anyway. YOLO, way before the phrase entered the popular lexicon.

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