Old Kitchen That Became the Dining Room

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When we bought the house the kitchen was in the back room of the house, single pain windows and a door that would not close well.

This picture makes it look better than it was. I ripped all this out. 

Down to the walls, then opened up the walls, removed the old stationary, single pain windows and put in new windows. 

This is what it eventually became.  It has a nice look, very much like the old house

This is the old kitchen faceing the other way, toward the basement door.  I ripped two layers of linoleum out.

I put some laminate flooring down, it came out well and was very affordable. 

I put a new back door and new storm door in.  The storm door has magnetic weather stripping, which to me is pretty neat. Didn't cost all that much really. 

Above are some shots of the laminate flooring going down. 

Above are some outside shots of the back room that was the kitchen but became the dining room.  I had to butcher up the wall to install the new windows which made me insulate the walls.  I then went over the old siding with vinyl.  Not exactly beautiful, but functional and maintenance free. It looked prretty bad inside and out for a few weeks. 

So after tearing out the old kitchen, I had to build another...

So I bought some standard oak cabinets and stained them black.

This is the start of it before I put the granite tile countertop on.  I put the wall in too.  Behind the wall is a pantry with a small sink.  Pretty functional/simple; plywood shelves, small counter, some electric.  

This part came out ok

 This is the way it looked before I added the backsplash.

Which Caleb, my nephew helped me install.  It was the first time I used the newer peel and stick approach to installing tile.  A bit more expensive, a bit neater and less time consuming than the usual tile cement on the wall approach.

This is a shot of the other side of what is a galley kitchen.  The side opposite the sink and dishwasher is mostly a 7'+ wood counter top I got at Ikea.  it looks ok.

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